Hail Damage Claims

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Each year, Texans must prepare for powerful hailstorms that can cause catastrophic damage to their property. Insurance providers are acutely aware of how unpredictable these tremendous surges of hail can be, sometimes occurring down by the Gulf Coast and sometimes dropping far to the north. An insurance company that denies a hailstorm claim is simply being unreasonable.

At Gowan Elizondo LLP, our Corpus Christi bad faith insurance lawyers have seen dishonest insurance companies try every trick in the book to save themselves a dollar while simultaneously putting their own customers out of thousands. We are prepared to take on any hail damage claim case and advocate for your rights as if we were fighting for ourselves.

We also offer assistance to our clients in Corpus Christi, Laredo, and surrounding areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for we know that a hailstorm could slam your property during the latest hours of the night. Go ahead and call (866) 833-0088 today and request your free initial consultation to get started.

Damage Caused in a Typical Texas Hailstorm

Everything under the sky is subject to calamitous damage when a hailstorm passes over a region. Chunks of ice the size of ball bearings, golf balls, or even baseballs can rain down from above and crush even the strongest of structures. If the hailstorm is paired with a hurricane, the consequences are sure to be disastrous as orbs of ice are flung at speeds over 100 miles per hour, ripping through roofing materials and shingles.

  • Once it is safe, document any damage caused by a hailstorm, including:
  • Shattered windows
  • Dented air conditioning units
  • Ruined siding and paintwork
  • Cracked and crunched vehicles
  • Destroyed gutter systems
  • Damaged roofs

If you have taken pictures of your property before the hailstorm damaged it, try to take photographs from the same angles as before. This will create an easily interpreted before-after catalogue to present to your insurance company or attorney.

You Need to Act Quickly – Contact Us Today

For hail storm or storm damage, water damage, and any weather-related homeowners’ insurance claim, time really is of the essence. If you delay for too long, your insurance provider may deny your claim and state that some other source was the cause of the reported damage. They may even insinuate that you caused the damage, for if it was real, you would have reported it immediately.

Rather than delaying, take the initiative and contact our Corpus Christi bad faith insurance lawyers as soon as you can. We can help you make the initial claim to your homeowners’ insurance provider so you do not say or do anything that could make you seem liable for the damage. Our end goal is your total recovery!

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