Storm Damage Insurance Claims

Corpus Christi Insurance Bad Faith Attorney

In Texas, storms can be unforgiving and are often responsible for unpredictable and devastating damage to property. As a homeowner, you pay your insurance premiums each month with the understanding that should a disaster occur, your insurance claim will be paid promptly and fairly. Unfortunately, insurance companies do not always engage in sound business practices. If you have been the victim of storm damage and you believe that the insurer is acting in bad faith, do not hesitate to contact Gowan Elizondo. Our Corpus Christi bad faith insurance attorneys possess more than 55+ years of combined experience and our team is available to help 24/7.

What constitutes bad faith insurance?

  • Failure to conduct a proper investigation of your claim
  • Refusal to pay your claim within a reasonable time frame
  • Denial of a legitimate claim without providing an explanation
  • Misrepresenting the insurance policy

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Seeking Compensation for Your Damages

Every policy will be unique, covering different damages and under varying terms. An insurer may attempt to wrongfully deny your claim for many reasons including asserting that damages are not covered, already existed, or are non-storm related. A principle step in overcoming a bad faith claim is to obtain a full copy of your insurance policy dated before the storm occurred and review each term. Additionally, collect any evidence that may bolster your claim. While an insurance policy can be tremendously complex, and often not written to be easily understood by policyholders, our attorneys can review your policy point by point.

Our firm can help you to fight unfair treatment in cases including:

  • Hail damage
  • Wind damage
  • Thunderstorm damage
  • Water and flood damage
  • Tornado damage

Attorneys Holding Insurance Companies Accountable

At Gowan Elizondo, our Corpus Christi insurance claims attorneys understand how frustrating it can be when insurance companies put their bottom line ahead of policyholders. If your insurer is acting in bad faith, our legal team wants to hear your story. We are dedicated to helping clients secure the payments they need in order to move forward after a disaster. You may be eligible to claim not only the initial damages but also compensation for damages which resulted from the insurer’s misconduct.

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